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Quick Fix: Icons that are things

I recently found some nice UI/UX related material available on Pinterest and amongst it I found some exquisite app icons (not┬ánecessarily belonging to actual published apps). I found it interesting that the ones that caught my eye the most were the ones that represent real objects (TV, notebook, flask, etc…) – these are the icons that leave an impression on you and make you remember where they are on your springboard.

Once you really dive in to the details you can really come to appreciate the work that went into every single one – the attention to details, the complex texture, simply amazing! For instance, look at the wooden texture on the blackboard icon. Also, look at the amount of detail on the cocktail umbrella:

595923-Casette-Tape 296804-Ice-Cream-Sandwich 926344- 746554-Chalkboard-Icon 49ers Contacts Nestle 59518 745081-Hd-Movies 911442-Pizza-App-Icon 571983-Fruit-Punch-iOS-App-Icon786866-Fc-Barcelona-Fan-Ios-Icon

More available on Pinterest