Welcome to my iOS development blog!

My name is Stav Ashuri and I work as a software engineer at Facebook.
I update and maintain this blog because I simply enjoy doing so and I hope you enjoy reading it.
Please feel free to drop me a comment or just stalk me all over the www by Googling my name.


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  1. Hi Stavash.

    I came across one of your questions on StackOverflow – http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16707948/creating-a-good-custom-emoticon-chat-experience-on-ios/17074208#17074208. I am also trying to solve this exact issue and have been trying for some time. I have also tried the open source solutions however they don’t work well and performance is extremely bad when there are lots of messages in a view and the scrolling is jittery. Did you make any progress with this?

  2. Actually I haven’t yet. Still waiting for some ideas though we’ve moved on to other things since then. Sorry I can’t help you out…

  3. Sure no problem. I think this link gives a good round up of the potential methods to achieve this. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15239754/custom-smileys-in-ios I would be interested to know if anybody has used the custom font option as I believe this might be what Viber uses.

  4. This guy completely plagiarized your article about asynchronously populating table view cells: http://nghiatran.me/2014/06/advanced-issues-the-right-way-to-load-content-in-backgrounds-thread-with-tableview/

  5. i have an interesting preposition for you would be happy to tell you about it .
    but i don’t have your mail, please contact me if you can.

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